About Reiki

There are so many ways to explain about Reiki, in this chance i would like to explain it in general, to help you getting precise information about Reiki.

Actually Reiki is an ancient healing technique from Tibet and was found again in around 1900 by a Japanese monk whose name is Mikao Usui. Reiki means Universal Vital Energy, So In general, Reiki is a technique of how to channel universal vital energy for your own self or others. Reiki is not about magic, the way it heals is similar with accupuncture that stimulates the Chi ( Vital energy in human's body) to flow properly until the natural ability of the body to heal itself will be able to function again, so the health of physical body will recover. Reiki is not only working well for physical body, but also better for non physical body (mental & emotional) because Reiki has calming effect to your mind & soul too :)

Because this universal vital energy is created by The Divine Source, so we can say that Reiki energy is a kind of Divine energy, the best result of this Reiki healing technique is depending on how our heart could surrender to The Divine Source, The Source of Divine energy. The more we can surrender, the better result we will get. So the point is : Surrendering to The Divine Source to let let The Bless works to us just the way The Divine Source want us to be :)

That's why in this Reiki healing technique, even we learn how to heal, but exactly we will simply learn to realize better that the real & best healer is always The Divine Source.

I hope this short explaination will give you the precise conclusion about Reiki :)



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