How To Learn Reiki

What you need to learn Reiki :
  • An authorized Reiki Master

It is so simple to become a Reiki Practitioner, after you receive an attunement from authorized Reiki Master, you will directly have ability to channel Reiki energi for you or for others. Attunement is a special process that can only given by an authorized Reiki Master, it will be bad if you receive attunement from an unauthorized Reiki master because your energy channel could be worse.

I kindly recommend you to receive attunement from Grand Master Irmansyah Effendi by attending Reiki Tummo workshop in your local area that you can find at If in any case you still don't have the chance to attend the workshop, Master Irman still give you a chance to receive FREE distant attunement each month on the fisrt day. This attunement is for 1st level of Hybrid Usui Reiki (Usui Reiki attunement that uses Reiki Tummo attunement technique). See the detailed information about this attunement at the menu "Free Reiki Attunement"

  • Manual Book

You need this book to guide you to learn more about Reiki, how to use & practise better with Reiki etc. You can buy this book at and the title is " Reiki Tummo: An Effective Technique For Health & Happiness" for Australia and New Zealand user can directly get this book from Babyloon Book Shop or Pathfinder Book Shop

If in any case you still can not buy the book, you can learn the simple & basic Reiki Lessons at this blog. Please visit this blog again later because maybe i will add new Reiki lessons article , thank you :)

  • Daily Practice

You need to practice it in your daily life to get the best result for this lessons, and it takes time. If you want to progress further quickly you need to learn how to stimulate and enjoy the calmness within your heart while you're channeling Reiki energy, because your heart is the key of connection to The Divine Source, The Source of Divine Energy. Please visit for more information. You can learn a very simple but effective technique to stimulate the calmness within your heart in your praying and even more in your daily life :)



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