Benefits & Advantages

Here are some benefits that you will get if you learn Reiki :

  • Improves & maintains your health effectively
  • Gives you chances to help others with healing service
  • Energizing your body in your daily life
  • Helps you relaxing your mind, so you can meditate easier
  • Helps you to easily stimulate the calmness within your heart
  • Improves your understandsing about the The Divine Source's love (blessing)
  • etc

These are the Reiki advantages compared with other techniques:
  • It is so fast & easy to learn Reiki even for few hours
  • No difficult technique to channel Reiki energy, simply by laying your hands
  • You will get a lot of benefits each time you channel Reiki energy even for others.
  • Reiki energy works automatically, it will stop if doesn't needed.
  • You are safe from negatif energy contamination from the patient.
  • etc

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