Free Reiki Attunement

This free attunement will be held on every first date of each month at 18.30 until 18.45 GMT + 7 (around 15 minutes). You and everyone all over the world can receive this free attunement even without any registration, what you need to do is : Be right on time & intent to receive it at the same time that given. To get the best result, please follow this procedure below:
  • Please be ready at least 5 minutes before, relax and smile freely :)!
  • Find a quiet place, so there will be no one who interrupt you.
  • You may sit on the chair or on the floor as long as you can keep your backbone straightly.
  • Open your palms facing upward and lay them down upon your thigh.
  • Close your eyes to help you become more relaxed.
  • Pray to The Divine Source according to your own religion & belief, for being blessed to be able to receive this attunement as good as posible according to The Divine Source's will.
  • Intent to receive this free attunement without forcing your mind to concentrate , just relax & smile sweetly :)!
  • During the attunement process you can pray within the heart or listening to meditation music to help you stay in deep relaxation.
  • Feel and enjoy the calmness within your heart & surrender your heart & your whole self to The Divine Source.
  • After 15 minutes, attunement process is finish.
  • Pray to The Divine Source, to thank all the blessing that given.
After then, you are already a Reiki practitioner, who can channel Reiki energy for your own self or others.


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