Basic Exercise

After receiving the attunement process, you will be able to channel Reiki energy directly for your own self or others, but you still need to do the exercises more to get the best result, here are the basic step for your exercises:
  • Activating Crown Chakra & Palms Chakra
You 'll be able to receive more Reiki energy if your crown chakra (Reiki energy gateway) becomes more active by doing this exercise before you channel Reiki energy. It is so easy and simple, after you pray for blessing from The Divine Source just intent to activate your crown chakra and use your hands to stimulate your crown chakra by moving your hands just like opening Lotus petals to blossom wider. The crown chakra is about 8 until 10 cm from the center of your head.

Use the same way to activate your palms chakra to help Reiki energy flows better through your palms

  • Channeling Reiki Energy
Firstly, Pray for blessing from the Divine Source, then activate your crown chakra & palms chakra just like what i said above.

Relax your self, close your eyes to help you become more relaxed..... open your palms widely without any tension, intent to channel Reiki energy, ...... yes.... that's easy :) All you need to do while you channeling Reiki energy is only letting your self to be in deep relaxation, smiling freely & sweetly & surrendering your heart & whole self to The divine Source with all of your feeling :)

Do this basic exercises oftenly until you can feel Reiki energy flow stronger through your palms, usually you will feel something like warm energy sensation surrounding your hands but it is not always like this, depend on your own condition & your sensitivity.

Please note : The key for channeling Reiki energy is : Deep relaxation (not concentration)..... sweet smile..... & surrendering your heart & whole self to let the blessing from The Divine Source works properly.


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