Patient Healing Exercise

After receiving FREE Reiki Attunement, you will be able to help others to resolve their physical or non physical problem by channeling Reiki energy for them, please follow these instructions below:

Local patient Healing Exercise :
  1. Firstly, both of you and the patient should pray together to The Divine Source asking for blessing & the best result for the healing.
  2. Activate your own Crown Chakra, as you have learned in the basics exercise.
  3. Activate the patient Crown Chakra with the same way.
  4. Relax...., smile sweetly..., Open your palms then Intent to channel Reiki energy and feel the Reiki energy that flows from your palms.
  5. Lay your hands (palms) to the part of patient's body that need to be healed
  6. Let your hands stay there until you feel the Reiki energy stop to flow and it will be automatically stop if that part of patient's body doesn't need more Reiki energy because patient's body still needs times to absorb the Reiki energy properly.
  7. After finishing all this process, pray to The Divine Source, thanking for all the blessing that given.
  8. Wash your hands with clean water & soap or any other sterilizer.
  9. You can repeat all this process as necessary until you get the best result for your health improvement.
Complete Patient Healing Exercise :
  1. Do steps number 1 until 3 as mentioned above !
  2. Open the patient aura with the same way you open your own aura. Open the front side first & follow it with the backside too. You don't need to open your own aura.
  3. Relax...., smile sweetly..., open your palms, Intent to channel Reiki energy and feel the Reiki energy that flows from your palms.
  4. Lay your hands upon patient's forhead for around 3-4 minutes, then continue it down for all the part of patient's body, both front side & back side. Give 3-4 minutes for each part and give more than 15 minutes for the part that has problem or desease.
  5. Use only one hand firstly each time you move your hands to the next part of patient's body and then follow it with your other hand slowly.
  6. Continue to do the steps number 7 until 9 as mentioned above!

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